Who we Are?

A Boy Came from Town became a Man with City Life Challenges. He did many freelance work and jobs seen many ups and down with the finance but never stops!
He is Mr. Aayush Agrawal Founder of 'Check & Mate", 'Create Brand' and now it's "City Event".
Namaste india,
I am on the way to make challenges a easier task for every Event Organizer.


How We Started...

It's a time when I Resigned & Finally decided no more Jobs.
One Day,
Mr. Tanishk Agrawal
told me, He is organizing his college fresher's party. But as his last year experience, he decided to figure out solution for selling tickets online. Just manage Cash Flow .
I said, Ok ! Let's Make a Web Portal,
Finally we did it. After Success of our Event, we Decided to come with "City Event"

Our Vision

To be one stop solution for every Scale of event Organizer or Corporate Event

Our Mission

Let's wait and watch, what comes with time... We are Open to all now and in future also.

Monika Agrawal

Team Managment

Amitesh Agrawal

Project Co-ordinator