Team Building Games Without Materials

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Team building games are a good way to bond and bring all the employees together at one place.  There never be poor time to implement for some activities during the work schedule. So, team building activities are supposed to be not only about work, but also can be enjoyable. The team building activities will help in learning about each other like how each person thinks, works, get solution when problem arises and have fun during the office time. Below are the team building activities without materials.

Two Truths and a Lie

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In case, if you are looking to more know about your co-workers a little more, then two truths and lie can be a fun activity to learn some fun facts about those who work with you. So, all you need to do is to pick the person from your group and tell the person to make three statements about themselves where two of which must be true and other one must be false. Then, the rest of the group can discuss which of the three statements given was a lie.


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Charades is a classic non material game and best way to break up the routine work from day work grind. You need to assign one person in the office and the job of that person is writing out topic cards to act out during the game then split the office into two teams.  When you start the game, try to flip the coin for deciding which team will go first. So, repeat this process until everyone on both teams has picked a charade and whichever team has the most points after the game will emerges as winners.

Human Knot  

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You would remember doing a human knot in your school days whereas playing human knot in office can be best team building games without materials where you need a group of 6 to 20 people which are ideal. So, everyone needs to gather in a circle and hold the hands of two other people in the circle, excluding those directly next to them. In case if the group like more challenges then try this activity with blindfolded for testing your communication skills.

Well, this type of activities can be more effective than any seminar, lecture or conference. So, when you enjoy these games, you will learn to work with others on your team more effectively. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about team building games without materials. Thanks for reading!